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NWCLT Supports Germantown Arts District

Northwest CLT Corporation supports the Germantown Arts District (GAD)

because it has decided to place Germantown on the City’s cultural and tourism map

as a destination for experiencing artistic expressions—visual, tactile, verbal,

and written—by Germantown artists.

A predominantly Black neighborhood on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Germantown is steeped in a rich history of rebellion and emancipation, in which the arts have always played an important role.

According to their website, GAD:

...supports and contributes to the creative ecosystem of Germantown by partnering and collaborating with local artists and arts-based organizations and businesses. We believe in the societal benefit of empowering creativity. Since the beginning of time, artists have created and contoured society, history, and politics with their messages. We know creativity is important to our well-being and a crucial aspect of our humanity. When we understand creativity as a soft skill and work to integrate it into our daily lives, its impact is that much more inspiring. Our organization takes that information a step further to encourage all people to embrace and examine their individual creative identity by fostering environments conducive to this type of exploration.

As an organization based in Germantown, the NWCLT is proud to support the good work of fellow community-based organizations focused on empowering our residents, neighbors, and future leaders. We look forward to working with GAD and other Germantown organizations to foster an inclusive environment where all residents can live, thrive, and engage in a meaningful and productive manner.

Northwest CLT Corporation (NWCLT) is a federally tax-exempt charitable

organization under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our mission is to

provide decent, affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for low- and

moderate-income people, while preserving the quality and affordability of these

apartments and homes for future generations.


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