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NWCLT Corporation

NWCLT is here because it is responding to a housing and homelessness crisis that has disproportionately affected Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color because of historic, long-term systemic racism.

NWCLT is here to create a long-term solution to this crisis in the Northwest section of Philadelphia by setting in place a mechanism that will provide both affordable housing and the opportunity to create wealth for low-income people.

NWCLT is here to: Steward the land it owns; Steward the people who live on the land; and Steward the resources that come to, and are produced by the land, so long as it shall exist.



NWCLT is seeking first to purchase single-family homes within its service area to redevelop and sell to income qualified lower-income families. Its goal is to acquire groups of houses that are relatively close to each other. This will allow NWCLT to service the families and impact the broader community where our homeowners live.

NWCLT’s focus on acquiring single-family homes in some proximity to one another will provide it the economy of scale necessary to develop these properties at lower costs than if the sites were scattered. This cost savings will be passed on to our homebuyers.

NWCLT will carry out its mission, vision, and development goals over the long-term foreseeable future. NWCLT will be a viable community asset for at least the next 100 years. NWCLT will innovate new ways of assisting low-income people to rise from poverty and create wealth for their families.





The mission of NWCLT is to provide affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for low- income people, while preserving the quality and affordability of these homes for future low-income residents.

The vision of NWCLT is to facilitate the creation of wealth for low-income renters and homeowners by offering combined rent, land lease, and mortgage payments that do not exceed 30% of their monthly gross income. This will allow them to save, invest, and/or build up equity in their own homes.

NWCLT’s service area is in Northwest Philadelphia. Its boundary on the north is Gorgas Lane; on the south, Windrim Avenue; on the east, Stenton Avenue; and on the west, Wissahickon Avenue.

NWCLT believes that racial equity begins with home- ownership opportunities for low-income Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color. NWCLT believes that homeownership is the foundation upon which racial equity is built.

NWCLT believes that shared-equity homeownership that keeps the prices of homes within the reach of lower-inome persons is the bedrock upon which true freedom for the oppressed, and economic justice for the poor is established.

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