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NWCLT Signs MOU with UPenn Architecture Program

Joined by Professor Rashida Ng (left), Chair of the Undergraduate Architecture Program at UPenn and his wife and NWCLT Secretary Nancy Churchville (center), NWCLT President John E. Churchville signs the MOU

On Tuesday, August 16, the Northwest CLT Corporation and the University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Architecture Program entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help foster beneficial outcomes for the housing project at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Germantown.

Outlined in the MOU are terms that aim to provide feedback on the site, preserve a historical record, share design proposals, and seek future collaboration opportunities.

Joining the project from UPenn was Professor Rashida Ng, who became chair of the undergraduate architecture program in July 2022, and said that her hiring was, "an opportunity to teach students the responsibilities of architects to the environment and then the social conditions of the world."

The terms of the agreement align with the Fall 2022 academic calendar.

The mission of NWCLT is to provide affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for low- income people, while preserving the quality and affordability of these homes for future low-income residents.


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