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A Message from the President

Northwest CLT Corporation, a Community Lan d Trust, was founded and exists as a positive response to the negative conditions that Black People still endure in the City of Brotherly Love. We function based on the belief that the road to Racial Equity must be paved with home-ownership opportunities for all income-qualified low-income Black People.

We are here because we are responding to the housing and homelessness crisis that has disproportionately affected Black People because of Philadelphia’s participation in historic, long-term systemic racism.

We are here to create a long-term solution to this crisis in the Northwest section of Philadelphia by setting in place a mechanism that will provide both affordable housing and the opportunity to create wealth for low-income Black People.

We are here to challenge the status quo by providing quality, state-of-the-art, yet affordable, homes to income-qualified Black People in our service area on land that we own.

We are here because we are committed to be here for the long-term—a minimum of 99 years—in order to take care of the land we own; take care of the people who will live in homes on our land; and takecare of the resources that come to, and are produced by our land.

We believe that Racial Equity and Economic Justice for Black People must be built on the foundation of providing them with permanent and sustainable homeownership opportunities that build wealth for them and their families. This will ensure that they will not be subject to future exploitation and displacement because of gentrification.

We also believe that shared-equity homeownership that keeps the prices of homes within the reach of lower-income Black People is the bedrock upon which true freedom for the oppressed, and Economic Justice for the poor is established. We believe that the shared-equity homeownership model opportunities that we will provide are permanent solutions to the housing crisis in Philadelphia that disproportionately affects the overwhelming number of Black residents.

If you resonate with our beliefs and the soundness of our approach to permanently resolving the housing crisis in Philadelphia, support our work and see that your Council representative knows where you stand on this issue.


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